ANSI Pipe Schedule Chart

As a leading pipe supplier, we at P.I.T. Pipe, sell a wide selection of pipe meeting ANSI Schedule requirements. The term ‘schedule’ when referring to the ANSI pipe schedule chart, is a way of determining pipe strength by comparing the inside thickness of the pipe and the outside diameter of the pipe. When comparing pipe from different schedules, the outside diameter will stay the same, but the stronger the pipe, the thicker the inside wall of the pipe material will need to be. As you reach a higher number on the pipe schedule chart, pipe with the same outer diameter will need to have a thicker inner diameter in order to provide more strength. Therefore, you can refer to the pipe schedule chart to find the diameter of inside thickness you need for a given application.

ANSI Pipe Schedule Chart

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If you need a special steel pipe that meets any schedule requirements, P.I.T. Pipe can help. We carry a large supply of different schedule pipes and can custom cut the pipe to any desired length you need. We can supply a wide selection of new steel pipe complete with mill test reports showing that the pipe meets pipe schedule chart requirements. We can also test reconditioned and used pipe to ensure compliance. For our in stock selection of pipe and steel pipe prices, contact us or check back often as our inventory is constantly changing.

In addition to supplying steel pipe and tubing in some of the most common schedules on the ANSI pipe schedule chart, we also carry a wide selection of structural steel pipe and structural steel items including steel beams, steel plate, and other steel pipe and tubing. For all of your structural steel, steel pipe, and metal pipe, needs contact us at P.I.T. Pipe today.

Common Pipe Schedule Charts for Seamless and Welded Pipe

To identify the strengths of different pipe, it is common to use ‘schedule’ terminology taken from the ANSI pipe schedule chart. The following pipe schedule chart shows the most common types of pipe that we have available:

  • Light Wall
  • Schedule 10 (Sch/10, S/10)
  • Schedule 20 (Sch/20, S/20)
  • Schedule 30 (Sch/30, S/30)
  • Schedule 40 (Sch/40, S/40)
  • Standard Weight (ST, Std, STD)
  • Schedule 60 (Sch/60, S/60)
  • Extra Strong (Extra Heavy, EH, XH, XS)
  • Schedule 80 (Sch/80, S/80)
  • Schedule 100 (Sch/100, S/100)
  • Schedule 120 (Sch/120, S/120)
  • Schedule 140 (Sch/140, S/140)
  • Schedule 160 (Sch/160, S/160)
  • Double Extra Strong (Double extra heavy, XXH, XXS)

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For more information about using the pipe schedule chart to determine what pipe is suited for your needs and to learn more about the types of pipe we have available, contact us by phone today. As leading pipe suppliers, we can supply a wide variety of different schedule pipe depending on your needs and can custom fabricate any type of steel pipe. We also carry structural steel and can custom fabricate any type of special structural steel you may need. We buy and sell new, used, obsolete, and overstock steel pipe, steel tubing, and all structural steel such as I-beams and steel plates. Contact us at P.I.T. Pipe today for all your structural steel fabrication, steel pipe, and metal pipe needs!

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