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As a leading steel pipe distributor, we at P.I.T. Pipe, carry a wide selection of new, used, overstock, obsolete, and reconditioned steel pipe and structural steel items. This page shows our current steel pipe prices and inventory, which are subject to change.

If you are searching for the best steel pipe prices, P.I.T. Pipe can accommodate you on your next construction project. We also buy new, used, and overstock steel pipe and structural steel. For more information on our steel pipe prices and our current pipe inventory in stock at locations across the United States, contact us at P.I.T. Pipe. For all of your steel and metal pipe needs, we are here to help.

Our Current Steel Pipe Prices and Inventory Specials by Location

Items listed below are our current inventory specials and are not a complete list of our inventory. Call for current inventory. All prices are FOB storage locations. Cutting and welding is offered for dead lengths if needed.

  • 440’ of 48x.625” wall new pipe 40’ lengths coated ID and OD with FBE X52 grade prime import $316.00 per foot (Houston)
  • Truckloads of 36x.625” wall new straight seam X70 steel pipe 57-60’rs $93.00 per foot (Louisiana)
  • Truckloads of 36x.469” wall new straight seam steel pipe 40’s $74.00 per foot (Lousiana)
  • 7,300’ of 30x.625” wall new spiral weld FBE coated $61.00 per foot (Portland)

FOB West Virginia

  • 1985.65’ of 7”OD x 29 lb 40’ lengths HCL-80 Ultra FJ new material bare $7.97 per foot
  • 256.5’ of 11.75”OD x 65 lb 125 T Seamless 42’ lengths bare $21.12 per foot
  • Plastic pipe Lot of SDR11 Pipe 1000’ of 2.375, 200’ of 3”, 160’ of 6.625” and 600’ of 12” make an offer for the lot
  • 80’ of 42”OD x .75” wall FBE coated 40’s new surplus straight seam $123.90 per foot
  • 29’5” of 42”OD x .875” wall pipe new surplus FBE coated $130.00 per foot
  • 248.9’ of 36x.741” wall new straight seam 24.8, , 21.8, 20.5, 19.6, 17.1, 19.6, 24.5,  32, 38.2, 30.8’ lengths FBE coated $97.65 per foot
  • SRL’s and DRL’s 1055’ of 36x.618”/.625” wall new straight seam FBE coated pipe length SRL’s and DRLs $93.41 per foot
  • 700’ of 36” x .5” wall culvert grade its all new surplus with slight bows SRL’s and DRL’s $49.00 per foot
  • 82.6’ of 36x.875” wall straight seam pipe 22.9, 21, 38.7’ lengths FBE coated $115.00 per foot
  • 328.3 of 30x.75” wall new steel pipe X60 38.9, 31.5, 39.2, 39.3, 30, 30, 36.2, 31.6, 31.6, 20 FBE coated $82.00 p/ft
  • 62.8’ of 30x.625” wall new straight seam steel pipe FBE coated $73.53 per foot
  • 71.9’ of 26x.625” wall new steel pipe X60 surplus 38.9, 33’ lengths FBE coated $59.82 per foot
  • 209’ of 26x.5” wall new steel pipe X65 FBE coated 40, 44, 44, 18’4, 33, 30 lengths $54.47 per foot
  • 280.5’ of 26x.375” wall new surplus FBE coated steel pipe DRL’s and SRL’s $38.48 per foot
  • 224’ of 26”OD x .312” wall new X70 FBE coated DRL’s $34.23 per foot
  • 364.4’ of 24”OD x .5” wall bare and fbe coated 38.5, 36.5, 45, 47, 38.4, 29, 29, [email protected], 30, 15, 16 $50.19 per foot
  • 188.2’ of 24x.688” wall new steel pipe 33.8, 38.6, 40.1, 38, 38.5$68.51 per foot
  • 555’ of 24” OD x .625” wall steel pipe lengths [email protected], 36, 27.7, 47.8, 33.6, 35, 34.8, 38.8, 16, 17.6 $62.41 per foot
  • 386’ of 24” OD x .344” wall new steel pipe 5 DRL’s, [email protected], [email protected]’ FBE coated X70 surplus $32.59 per foot
  • 58’ of 24x.1” wall pipe FBE coated [email protected]’ $86.00 per foot
  • 80’ of 24x1.25” wall new steel pipe Red FBE coating $97.80 per foot
  • 900’ of 20x.5” wall mixture of new surplus ARO coated 4 pieces pritec coated DRL’s and SRL’s $33.84 per foot
  • 80’ of 20” x.625” wall used steel pipe painted white $35.56 per foot
  • 32’ of 20x.75” wall new steel pipe bare $46.25 per foot 22’ of 20x.844” wall steel pipe I piece used painted white $47.48 per foot
  • 120’ of 20x.812” wall pipe some bare some FBE lengths 3 drl’s $53.25 per foot
  • 510.2’ of 16x.375” wall pipe some FBE some bare lengths SRL’s and DRL’s $23.46 per foot
  • 516.5’ of 16” OD x 5” wall new surplus steel pipe DRL’s some SRL’s FBE coated $26.90 per foot
  • 98’ of 16x.688” wall new surplus steel pipe SRL’s $30.94 per foot
  • 3 pieces coated FBE 1 piece bare 42’ of 16x.844” wall steel pipe 1-piece new surplus fbe coated $37.56 per foot
  • 370’ of 16”OD x .375” wall new surplus coated and bare X52 20, 20, 26.8, 25, 26, 30, 31, [email protected]’s $23.46 per foot
  • 870’ of 12.75x.75” wall new steel pipe X52 grade DRL’s FBE and ARO coated $33.64 per foot
  • 5,200’ of 12.75x.375” wall new surplus steel pipe DRL’s ARO coated DRL’s $17.34 per foot
  • 36’ of 12.75x.1.125” wall new surplus steel pipe DRL’s $45.00 per foot
  • 2000’ of 4.5” od .237” wall X42 grade new surplus coated FBE $3.50 per foot

*Please note that all steel pipe prices and inventory are subject to change and this is not a comprehensive listing of our inventory. Contact us for the latest information and pricing.

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As a leading stocking distributor or steel pipe and structural steel, P.I.T. Pipe has the best steel pipe prices and the largest selection of steel pipe. We stock a wide variety of steel pipe at locations across the country, and can custom fabricate any steel pipe or structural steel based on your needs for your next construction project.

New & Used Steel Pipe Prices

We also buy all steel pipe that is new, used, overstock, or obsolete including culvert pipe, piling, caissons. We also offer roll-off dumpsters that can be delivered to your jobsite to handle all of your scrap metal needs. We pay top dollar for all structural steel and scrap metal items. If you have surplus or used steel pipe, beams, and plates you are looking to sell or you are interested in buying our reconditioned and new steel pipe contact us at P.I.T. Pipe today.

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