Structural Steel Pipe, Beams, & Columns

Strucutal Steel: Pipe, Tubing, & Beams

As a leading pipe distributor and supplier, P.I.T. Pipe can supply you with any type of structural steel you need for your next construction project. We stock and distribute all types of structural steel from steel I beams to custom fabricated piling for foundations. With a wide variety of types of structural steel available including pipe, structural supports, and columns, we are your one stop source for all of your needs.

If you need structural steel for any project, even if you need something custom fabricated for your project, P.I.T. Pipe can help you. We can custom weld any type of structural steel pipe to meet any needs. We can deliver all types of structural steel directly to your job site including I-beams, steel plate, and any other type of support including sign pylons.

We can also provide your jobsite with roll-off containers to collect your scrap metal. We pay top competitive prices for scrap metal and we buy overstock, new, used, and obsolete steel pipe in all shapes and sizes. Contact us at P.I.T. Pipe today for all your structural steel and metal pipe needs.

Structural Steel Types and Applications

Structural steel can come in various forms and shapes. Common forms include Beam, HSS, Channel, Angle, and Plate Steel. Structural steel also ranges in metal composition and strength depending on the types of material used in the steel manufacturing process. For example, steel I-beams are very strong and very stiff because of the way the beam is constructed and having what is known as high ‘second moments of area’. The I-beam has a high deflection rate because of its cross steel design.

In order to ensure structural integrity, structural steel that is used for constructing buildings and in other major construction projects in the US must meet standards that are identified and specified by using the ASTM International chart for identification.

Standard Structural Steel Types

Carbon Steel Types

  • A36 - structural shapes and plate
  • A53 - structural pipe and tubing
  • A500 - structural pipe and tubing
  • A501 - structural pipe and tubing
  • A529 - structural shapes and plate

High Strength Low Alloy Steel

  • A441 - structural shapes and plates
  • A572 - structural shapes and plates
  • A618 - structural pipe and tubing
  • A992 - Possible applications are W or S I-Beams.
  • A913 - Quenched and Self Tempered (QST) W shapes
  • A270 - structural shapes and plates

Corrosion Resistant High Strength Low Alloy Structural Steel

  • A242 - structural shapes and plates
  • A588 - structural shapes and plates

Quenched and Tempered Alloy Steel

  • A514 - structural shapes and plates
  • A517 - boilers and pressure vessel

Learn More About the Types of Structural Steel and Pipes We Supply

As a leading steel and pipe distribution company serving the United States and Canada, P.I.T. Pipe can provide you with all of your structural steel needs for your next construction project. We can custom fabricate and weld structural steel per your specific requirements. We will deliver your purchase directly to your jobsite by rail, truck, or barge, and we ensure you are able to find exactly what you need without the hassle. We also buy all types of steel pipe, including new, used, and overstock or obsolete steel pipe. Contact us at P.I.T. Pipe for all your steel and metal pipe needs.

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